A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Teen Years

Teenage years fall between 13 to 19 years. This is the age when children go through puberty and many hormonal changes. It is hard to be a teenager, as the body goes through many changes, and mind is battling an emotional turbulence.
This is the age when children start rebelling, and get a craze to live life on their own terms and conditions. They protest against some of the decision made by their parents, and are quite against the idea of anyone controlling their lifestyle and choices.
As hard it is for children to live as a teenager, it is also hard for parents to deal with their kids in their teenage. The main reason is: they are vulnerable in their teens and might get offended even by little things. But at the same time, they need a person to be with them in all their high and lows. That is why we need to take extra care of them.
Here in this blog we will be discussing about the ways in which we can talk to our teenager kids, to establish a bond of trust with them.
1. Listen to them: One of the biggest mistakes we do as a parent is that we do not listen to what our children wants to tell us. We are always busy in one thing or the other, and it turns out to be, that we are not left with enough time for our children. This is the age where several thoughts crowd a child’s mind, and they want someone trustworthy to listen to them. So, be a patient listener.
2. Do not be judgmental: The last thing teenagers want is getting judged by their own people. In their teenage, they are coping up with the fear of not getting judged by anyone, and because of it they hide many things and keeps secrets. So, when you listen to them, or see them doing certain things, do not pass a straight judgment. It might hurt them.
3. No to dictatorship: We need to understand that we cannot control anyone’s life, be it the lives of our own children. There lies a big difference between guiding and controlling, and we need to know this. The more we try to impose rules and regulation on our growing children, the more they will start rebelling. Just like us, they also need their space and freedom to live.
4. Appreciate and praise them : Teenage is also an age where children are facing the inferiority complex in them. Everything they do, they do to somehow fit in their peer group. At times like this, little appreciation for their work, will have a positive impact on them.
5. Accept their life choices : When children reach to their teenage they get a sense of understanding about themselves, and form certain choices related to their lifestyle. Now this might differ from their childhood lifestyle, but it is okay. Changes should always be welcomed with open heart. Let them have the liberty to bring some change in their way of living.
6. Spend time with them: The strength of the bond is strengthen when it is given enough of time together. We need to spend some quality time with our teenager, and get to know about how they are coping up with all the puberty and hormonal changes inside them. This way a trust will be established between you two and they will become more comfortable around you.
Teenage is a delicate phase of one’s life. But with care and affection we can prove to be the best companion of our children.

How to teach your kids about importance of Apologizing

It is very easy to commit a mistake and even easier to walk past it, but it
becomes very hard when it comes to apologize for your mistake. It
always starts with a question ‘Why do I need to apologize to someone?’
Well this is not a very good practice, and we need to make our children
realize this.
Children do not have a sense of judgement, so we need to teach them
about importance of apologizing. They should know that there is
nothing wrong in accepting a mistake and apologizing for it.
Here, in this blog, we would like to share ways in which we can teach our
kids importance of apologizing :
1. Accept your mistake : If you want your children to be brave
enough to accept their mistake, you need to start doing it on your
own. If you have scolded your child very much, or have done
anything wrong, accept your mistake and apologize to them
2. No excuses : One of the common habit for escaping the apology,
is to make excuse for what you have done. You need to teach
your child that there is no need of making things up, to hide your
mistakes, instead, accept it and be ready to apologize.
3. Importance of other’s feeling : You apologize when you care for
the other person’s feelings as well. Children need to know that
when they do not accept their mistake and do not apologize, it
hurts the feeling of the other person.

4. Be brave to be responsible : It really takes courage to come at
front and accept your wrongs. You need to motivate your children
to be brave to do that. When they confess to you about
something and apologies, you should praise them for taking that
step. It will encourage them to not hesitate in apologising in the
5. Apologize with heart : Children needs to learn that, they need not
say ‘sorry’ if they do not mean it. Apology is not an excuse to walk
out of the situation, it means that you are accepting your mistake,
and will not repeat the same in future.
When at an early age, children are made to learn how important it is to
apologize for their mistakes, it will become a part of their habit. We are
responsible to guide our children to the right path.

Craft Ideas For Kids (Activity 1)

Craft Idea for kids – 2

Children are constant learners. They easily get bored of anything. All they want to do is something new almost every other day. To this never ending curiosity and hunger of learning something new, craft making is the best.
Craft allows children to make something new and put their creative skills to good use. It also helps them understand the importance of recycle, as many craft items are made out of waste material.
Simple little things can make children learn so much more and give them the opportunity to explore their talent. Never stop your child’s creativity.
Here is one of the easiest craft ideas for your kids to start their creative journey.
Craft idea: Pencil stand made from ice – cream sticks
Materials required
1. Collected ice-cream sticks
2. Colorful ribbons
3. Fevicol
4. Cardboard
5. Paint
6. Decorative Materials
Step 1. Take all the ice cream sticks, and paint them with your favourite color, and let them dry.
Step 2. Take the cardboard and cut a circle shaped base. Now make a cylinder shape body out of the cardboard.
Step 3. Start sticking the colored ice cream stick vertically around the cylinder cardboard body carefully. Cover it whole by the ice cream sticks and then let it dry.
Step 4. Now take the cylinder body and stick it over the circular cardboard base, and let it dry for some time.
Step 5. Tie the colorful ribbons around it to make it more beautiful. Finally decorate it with all the decorative items to make it look as good as you want it to be.
Now your pen stand is ready, put all your stationery in it, and place it on the study table. Appreciate your children for their efforts and hard work. Kids love when their work is recognized and appreciated. Next time they will try to do much better, and will keep on progressing.
Hope you all will have fun time with children!

Importance for kids to read

Reading is a healthy habit and it will be beneficial if your child develops this habit from an early age. Most of the parents think that if their child is too much into reading story books apart from academic books, it is a waste of time. They need to understand that reading is not a waste of time, even when the child is reading story books.
As children grow up they begin to find their interest and hobbies. Many of them like dancing, sketching and some like reading books. Like any other activity, it helps in brushing up skills and creativity of your children.
It is rightly said that knowledge never goes waste. Parents need to understand that academics is not everything your child should know. There is a world beyond those course book also, and children need to experience that as well.
Here are reason why reading is important for your kids :
1. Wings to imagination : Imagination has no boundaries or any preset rules, and children are free to imagine. Books help them to carry on their imagination out of the box and think in a different way, than everyone does. Reading introduces them to so many new things and concepts, that helps their imagination.
2. Improved vocabulary : There are so many words that exist but are not in our regular use. Reading helps your children in refining their vocabulary, by acquainting them with new words. A good and strong vocabulary helps in having a good hold over the language.
3. Door to knowledge : Books are the best teachers. It is a known fact that when you get to know about certain things on your own, they stay with you forever. Your dear ones, are on the constant hunt of learning new things, and in this search, books become their best friends. A book is a store of the vast knowledge, not everyone can teach them.
4. Helps in concentration :Reading also helps your kids in improving their concentration on power. It is so engaging that your child will never realize how time has flown. They will learn how to stay focused in doing a certain thing.
5. Improves writing skill : Reading is such an activity, that also helps in improving the writing skills of your children. When they read a certain style of an author, they get the idea of how differently they can form a sentence, and give words to their thoughts.
Reading is a habit that is fruitful if formed from the very start, because it comes with many perks. So, next time when you see your children carrying a book in their hands, feel proud, that they are not wasting their time, but actually utilizing it.